Who are we?

Founded in 1955, Prescription Supply is a pharmaceutical wholesale distributor, a member of HDMA and OptiSource, a generic source cooperative of independent wholesalers. We are franchised by every major supplier and licensed to provide nationwide distribution of pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter products. As an independent, family-owned and managed wholesaler, we consider each customer our professional healthcare partner and strive to provide quality, personalized service.

What do we carry?

Prescription Supply carries a complete line of pharmaceuticals, generics, OTC, HHC/DME and sundry items.

Do we have a competitive Generic Program?

OptiSource is among the top generic programs in the nation. This source co-op of independent wholesalers utilizes the manufacturer label. Its goal is to maintain continuity, quality and low cost.

Do we support Contract Sales?

YES. We support various buying groups, such as Gerimed, MHA, PHS, Innovatix and others.

Can I expect a complete and accurate order?

YES. We have high fill rates through aggressive inventory control and buying. Each item on your order is double checked to ensure accuracy.

How can orders be placed?

Through whatever means best meet your needs: telephone, facsimile, computer dial-up, Internet, Telxon or MSI

When can I place an order?

24 hours a day, seven days a week. Should you desire to speak with any of our customer representatives, we are available
9:00 a.m. — 6:00 p.m. EST

How do we ship?

We utilize various third party shippers, as well as our own delivery fleet, to ship from the smallest package to a truckload anywhere in the United States as timely as possible.

How can I open an account?

Complete the New Customer Application Form and FAX to: 419-661-6617 or EMAIL to: sales@rxsupply.com.